Why, hello there!

Coffee baybay!Welcome to BoiseCoffee!

This is a blog dedicated to bringing the Boise area information about the best coffee it has to offer! And that’s not all! It will double as a countdown for the oncoming vampire take over of the world! Ok, maybe not.
But in all seriousness, if you want to get coffee updates on sweet deals, awesome promos, and great taste in the Treasure Valley area, you’re gonna want to follow this blog. While you’re at it, follow me on twitter.

Have any suggestions? Know of a sweet deal? Post a comment, or email me at BoiseCoffee@gmail.com.

Right now I’m working on a video about why people choose the coffee shop they drink from. I’ll be addressing questions like “Why support local coffee?” and “Isn’t taste in a brand name?”

Thanks for checking my blog out, and I hope to keep connected with you! Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed, or just keep checking back in for updates!

The Coffee Guy

7 thoughts on “Why, hello there!

  1. Good on ya, Col!

    As a fellow coffee snob, I fully appreciate the service this blog will supply to both the trained and untrained coffee-seurs.


  2. I’m glad to see other people care about the true essence of coffee as much as i do. I send alot of days on my laptop in various coffee shops in the nampa/boise area so it s great to be able to look here and see what kind of atmosphere/coffee im going to get


  3. Whats the word on peoples favorite coffee shop in Boise?

    What do people like or look for in coffee, and or espresso?

    Do people actually like espresso/coffee or are people ordering sweetened milk based espresso drinks?

    Just curious…

    1. sbc006-
      Many people consider Dawsons Downtown (http://tr.im/Dawsons) to be the best coffee in Boise. Other people are partial to drive-thru coffee shops such as The Human Bean (http://tr.im/humanbean).

      In my experience Boiseans have a relatively well defined coffee palette (compared to, say, the East Coast), preferring fine espresso over sweetened nonsense. That being said, coffee shops such as Dutch Bros. that sport sugar-infused brews have a large following by the High Schoolers in this area.

      Thanks for the question! I hope I answered it sufficiently!

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