Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever, or Just a Necessity?

What is coffee to you? Your morning injection of energy? Your passion? Your addiction? Regardless, coffee is incredibly ingrained in our society today, and it’s probably not going anywhere. In this video titled ‘Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever’ it’s spelled out just how pervasive and important coffee is in our daily lives.

With crazy facts like “in terms of coffee, for every kilogram of mass you have, you’ll need to drink a latte to have a visit from the grim reaper” this video is as informative as it is funny.

Let’s not forget one of the most important parts about coffee, though: the taste. Contrary to what some big-business coffee companies would have you believe, stale ash is not the default taste profile of any coffee. And frankly, if that’s what you’re settling for, you’re missing out. Come to the dark side of specialty coffee and enjoy the best of both worlds: delicious coffee, and an awesome caffeine rush.

The Coffee Guy