Coffee & Photography

Coffee and photography are a match made in heaven. Coffee shops are perfect places to capture pictures of real life unfolding as it usually does, while at the same time providing an elegant backdrop in a way few other places can.


Dave Cossey, who blogs over at Photography Dock, noticed that there aren’t many places online to find tips on how to capture the perfect coffee picture. He threw together this handy guide to help give some direction to people looking to get a great shot – coffee and camera puns totally intended. Why? Both coffee and photography are passions of his.

Here is a short breakdown of his tips (check out his post for the full explanations!)

1. Shoot the coffee itself
2. Get some customer shots
3. Remember the cashier & workers
4. Get behind the scenes
5. Notice the environment

Whether you’re a photography pro and looking to expand your portfolio, or you’re an amateur (like me) who’s learning the basics, this is a great place to start. Check out his blog, and let him know what you think!

The Coffee Guy