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Season 2 Preview

Hey everyone! After taking the holidays off, I’m ready to get back to podcasting. Season 2 of The Boise Coffee Podcast will start in early February with a two episode season premiere on the history of coffee. After that, I’ll be changing my schedule to a new episode every two weeks.

If you’re interested in advertising on my podcast, shoot me a note on Twitter.

Thank you, and happy brewing!

The Coffee Guy

S1 Episode 1: Let’s Order Coffee

Podcast image_2

I’m super excited to announce the brand-new hot-off-the-press BoiseCoffee Podcast! After much deliberation, I’ve decided that Podcasting is too fun to pass up. These short-form (usually 15-45 min) episodes will be aimed at coffee newcomers and veterans alike.

In this pilot episode I refer to my 2011 post The Definitive Guide to Ordering Coffee and take it a level deeper with a brief discussion on why supporting your local coffee shop is important. If you’d like to continue the discussion, leave a comment here or shoot me a tweet.


Edit: You’ll have to pardon my Podcast newness! At about the 14 minute mark I mention a couple beverages that you should check out, but I never got around to talking about them! So sorry about that. Below are the drinks in question.

  • Cubano Shot: A shot of espresso pulled through sugar. For best results, the barista should use Sugar In the Raw! This produces a very sweet, very powerful pick-me-up that has its origins, as the name implies, from Cuba.
  • Shot in the dark/red eye: a cup of drip coffee with one or more shots of espresso tossed in. If you’re a caffeine junky, this is the drink for you; beware though – the combination of brewed coffee with strong espresso makes for a rather bitter beverage.

I’ll make sure to brush up on my Podcasting skills for future episodes. Cheers!

The Coffee Guy

BoiseCoffee listed among “best coffee blogs of 2015”

BestCoffeeBlogsI’m very proud to announce that BoiseCoffee has been listed alongside many notable websites as being a “best coffee blog” of 2015 by Market Inspector! More specifically, we have been placed under the heading “The Blogs That Have Made the Biggest Contribution to Global Coffee Culture.” See the full list here.

I can personally recommend some of the other blogs that made the list. Check out Coffee Nate (Nate Smith), The Coffee Adventures (Jamie Ferguson), Corner of the Cafe (Drew Moody), and of course the great Dear Coffee, I Love You (Brian Jones). I’ve had very positive interactions with these folks over the years.

If you’re interested in building your own coffee-focused news feed, this list is the perfect place to start!

The Coffee Guy

Source Link: Market Inspector’s List