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Summer Coffee: Tips, Tricks, and Drink Ideas

There are few things I enjoy more than sleeping in on a summer day, brewing a cup of my favorite coffee, and reading a book or the news while the sun warms the air. For me, coffee has always been more than a stimulant: it’s a selah for me, a pause that allows me to appreciate whatever it is I’m doing while sipping.

While there may be a temptation to think of coffee as a “cold weather drink” – something to be enjoyed when the rain is pouring or the snow is falling – I’ve found it can be equally as enjoyable, or sometimes more enjoyable on a hot summer day. Here’s a list of some summer coffee tips, tricks, and drink ideas.

  • Go big or go home. Iced coffee from cafes is usually about half beverage and half ice. Don’t feel bad about getting a bigger size – you’re actually only drinking about half that.
  • Try shots over ice. Two or three espresso shots on ice in a 12 oz cup can give your day a quick jolt without making you sweat on a hot day.
  • Make a milkshake. A twitter follower of mine, Tandy Sinclair, says she loves making a coffee milkshake with her own ice cream on a hot day.
  • Give cold brew a try. The first time I had cold brew I was blown away. It tends to be less acidic and more flavor-intensive when it comes to extracting the hidden notes in coffee. Here’s one method.
  • Keep an eye out. Coffee shops will often release new drinks, have summer specials, and even “happy hour” type discounts. For instance, Caribou Coffee just launched a new selection of teas for the summer.

Have your own summer coffee tips? Leave them in the comments!

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