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BoiseCoffee’s Hario v60 Brew Method

I made a short video that shows my brew method for the Hario v60, and has a pretty fantastic song to go along with it! Enjoy, and please share yours in the comments.

Heat water to 200 degrees F.
Grind 28 grams of your favorite, fresh coffee at a medium grind in a burr grinder.
Wet filter and preheat vessel.
Pour 60g of water and let the coffee bloom for 1 min.
Finish pour to 415g.
Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

The Coffee Guy

...right meow

5 Ways to Make Your Cup of Coffee Better…right now.

Here at BoiseCoffee, we understand that you might not have the cash on hand to invest in a brand new coffee brewer, and even if you did, it wouldn’t do you any good right now. I mean right now – this very second. This list is to help you perfect your current routine by giving you 5 helpful tips and tricks to improve the cup of coffee made with whatever gear you currently have. Unless it’s a Keurig. Then you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. #killthekcup

...right meowHere are 5 Ways to Make Your Cup of Coffee Better…right meow.

  1. Get your water to the right temperature. Many off-the-shelf drip brewers don’t heat water to at least 190 degrees F, the minimum needed temperature to properly extract coffee.
  2. Use the right grind size. No matter what grinder you already own, you can affect how large or small your grind size is. Burr grinders will grind coffee more evenly, making for a truer taste. Blade grinders produce lots of “fines” (coffee dust) that will turn your cup bitter. Still, if you’re using a blade grinder to coarsely grind your coffee for a drip brewing technique, it’s adding insult to injury. Here’s a good list of what grind size to use.
  3. Preheat your mug. While this might not seem like a big deal, temperature differences greatly affect the taste of coffee. While your coffee is brewing, use some hot water to preheat the inside of your favorite mug. Plus, it does double duty as a rinse.
  4. Keep your beans fresh. If you’re using pre-ground coffee, these same tips apply, but please realize your coffee will naturally go stale much faster. The best place to store coffee beans is in a sealed, airtight container that is kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Avoid the refrigerator or freezer, as foreign odors and precipitation can slip into your beans.
  5. Try something new. Do you normally take two packets of sugar and some cream? Black coffee isn’t palatable to a lot of people because of negative preconceived notions or memories from childhood. Try looking past that and opening your horizons to the true taste of whatever coffee you purchased. Cream and sugar do a good job of masking many of the flavors that make quality coffees unique.

I hope tomorrow’s cup is better than today’s!

The Coffee Guy

BoiseCoffee’s Aeropress Brew Method

My friend Drew over at a table in the corner of the cafe recently did a great post on “Recipes and Methods from Aeropress Experts.” He writes,

Here’s a brief collection of various methods and techniques that I’ve pulled together… This is a very unique collection of former Aeropress champions, championship hopefuls, and everyday Aeropress users that you won’t find anywhere else!

Check out his full post here. There are a total of 10 great methods, one of which, I am proud to say, is mine. I decided it would be fun to put a little video together showing me perform my brewing method. So, here it is!

The Coffee Guy

Here’s the step by step:

*16-18 grams of ground coffee
*Ground slightly courser than you would for espresso
*Heat water to 200 degrees F
*Preheat cup with hot water
*Fill Aeropress halfway, give it a stir
*Fill Aeropress to the top. Stir for 10-15 seconds
*Wet the filter inside the Aeropress’ cap with hot water
*Screw top onto Aeropress
*Let brew for 1-2 minutes depending on preference
*Flip Aeropress, press