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Take a trip to Jamaica with Reggie’s Roast

When I reached out to Reggie’s Roast to do a review of their coffee, I honestly wasn’t expecting to get a response back. When I did, I got really excited – this is the first coffee I’ve ever received straight from a grower! As far as I’m concerned, the less time it takes for coffee to get from the ground to my cup, the better.

Right: Coffee fields at Reggie’s Roast. Bottom Left: Reggie himself

There’s nothing like fresh coffee, and I was very excited to be getting just that from Reggie’s Roast.

Reggie’s Roast is both Farmer and Roaster – we own and operate two farms in the Blue Mountain Coffee growing region of Jamaica where the coffee is processed under strict guidelines in compliance with the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board’s standards, then exported to our roasting facility in Linden, New Jersey where it is meticulously prepared and shipped as fresh as possible for your palate’s pleasure…we ONLY roast when you order!

When I received the coffee, I was blown away. Not only did RR send me three bags of coffee, the packaged was personalized as well! A note from Reggie himself, a pamphlet about the company, and a pen were all included in the package. On top of that, Reggie wrote in his note “All are ground to French Press (I read about the single cup press you use).” That is, he took the time to read up about me and my blog! Before the coffee bags were even opened I was sold on the service alone.

I was sent three different blends of Reggie’s Roast: GOLD 100% Jamaica, the Blue Mountain Irie Blend, and the Rasta Blend. Each was delicious, and I found I enjoyed each in a different way.

The GOLD 100% Jamaica coffee is Reggie’s Roast signature product. On their website they hail it as “one of the rarest arabicas in the world. Excellent body with an intense aroma.” They are spot on regarding the aroma. It is one of the most delicious smelling coffees that my nose has ever witnessed! Cracking the bag open immediately filled the entire room with the golden smell. I tried the coffee both in my aeropress and in my french press. I definitely prefer it in my french press – the taste is indeed mild and slightly sweet and I found it fit better in a cup of pressed coffee. The word that hits me must about this coffee is “solid.” The taste is unrelenting and bold, yet the coffee itself is definitely mild. It’s the perfect morning coffee, providing a strong foundation to start off your day.

Reggie’s Blue Mountain Irie Blend stuck out to me the least of the three coffees – but that’s not to say it was bad by any means. In fact, I rather enjoyed it in both espresso form (through my aeropress) and as french press coffee. It smells slightly less solid than the 100% GOLD, yet definitely smells smoother out of the two. The same can be said of taste: while the 100% GOLD could be analogous to a foundation, the Blue Mountain Irie Blend is the tile or hardwood laid on that foundation. This coffee would be the perfect lunch brew – not too heavy, but still delicious.

The final coffee that Reggie sent me is the Rasta Blend. Complete with red, yellow, and green label, this coffee stuck out to me the most out of the three. The Reggie’s Roast website says the Rasta Blend is “our tribute to Jamaica’s own Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley…” I’ve always found Bob Marley’s music to be incredibly versatile: it can cheer me up when I’m having a bad day and it can also be the perfect complement to a beautiful, sunny, spring afternoon. Versatile is definitely the word I would use to describe this coffee. It smells the sweetest out of the three, and it was delicious as black coffee, french press with cream, cubano shots, a mocha, and a straight Americano. It has a beautiful taste full of flavor and electricity. My favorite drink using the Rasta Blend was definitely the mocha. The chocolate went perfect with the already original flavor and provided the perfect balance. I’ll definitely be purchasing another bag of this in the near future!

I am extremely impressed with Reggie’s Roast. As a reviewer, they treated me with respect and definitely honored me with their personal interaction. I highly recommend their coffee (especially the Rasta Blend!).

Their mission statement?

Socially Responsible Company committed to the Fair and Dignified Treatment of our Partners; whilst ensuring that those we serve receive a Truly Valued Product!!

You can find Reggie’s Roast on their website, twitter, and facebook.
Website: http://www.reggiesroast.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReggiesRoastCoffee
Twitter: http://twitter.com/reggiesroast

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