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Infographic: Baristas You Need to Follow on Instagram

Use Instagram? Check out the below graphic to get some fresh new coffee pictures in your feed! I’ve found Instagram to be a great way to meet fellow coffee fans and to share ideas for brewing ratios, recipes, and coffee love in general. Here are the names and links, in the order they appear in the graphic:

And, of course, you can follow Boise Coffee on Instagram as well!

Thanks to the fine folks over at Espresso Works in Perth, Australia for the below image.

Coffee & Instagram

S2 Episode 5: The Five Attempts to Ban Coffee

Five Attempts to Ban Coffee logo
Coffee brings people together. It encourages conversations, stimulates thought, and provokes epiphany. Everyone seems to agree with this – or do they?

It turns out that throughout history, not everyone has supported coffee or even believed it to be healthy. Sometimes these people have been motivated for political purposes. More often than not, however, fear of coffee, its effects, and those who popularize it, has been the chief reason people have attacked it.

In this episode, I talk about five instances where state and religious leaders fought to outlaw or ban coffee.

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S2 Episode 4: Family Coffee Break

Family Coffee Break

In this episode of The Boise Coffee Podcast I take a breather from the normal routine to have a conversation with my wife and my parents about our coffee roots. Thanks to my mom, Susan, my dad, Dennis, and Hannah – my beautiful wife!

If you’d like to get in touch with my dad, you can find him on Twitter, his website, or his publisher’s website. Check out his newest book, Cocoa The Blind Dog: A Daily Devotional About Devotion!

At the end of the episode I feature four individuals from the Anchor community who responded to my request for personal accounts/stories having to do with coffee. Thanks to Brandon, Eric, and Seth!

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