S1 Episode 1: Let’s Order Coffee

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I’m super excited to announce the brand-new hot-off-the-press BoiseCoffee Podcast! After much deliberation, I’ve decided that Podcasting is too fun to pass up. These short-form (usually 15-45 min) episodes will be aimed at coffee newcomers and veterans alike.

In this pilot episode I refer to my 2011 post The Definitive Guide to Ordering Coffee and take it a level deeper with a brief discussion on why supporting your local coffee shop is important. If you’d like to continue the discussion, leave a comment here or shoot me a tweet.


Edit: You’ll have to pardon my Podcast newness! At about the 14 minute mark I mention a couple beverages that you should check out, but I never got around to talking about them! So sorry about that. Below are the drinks in question.

  • Cubano Shot: A shot of espresso pulled through sugar. For best results, the barista should use Sugar In the Raw! This produces a very sweet, very powerful pick-me-up that has its origins, as the name implies, from Cuba.
  • Shot in the dark/red eye: a cup of drip coffee with one or more shots of espresso tossed in. If you’re a caffeine junky, this is the drink for you; beware though – the combination of brewed coffee with strong espresso makes for a rather bitter beverage.

I’ll make sure to brush up on my Podcasting skills for future episodes. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “S1 Episode 1: Let’s Order Coffee

  1. Hi, I just found your podcast so I’m starting at the beginning and working my forward. Just wanted to give you a heads up that around 13:07 it looks like your description of the Americano got chopped off and then it skipped into the middle of your description of the breve.

    Regarding your take on tipping, I have a different opinion. If I’m ordering a simple black coffee, and all they’re doing is walking over to carafe and giving it a few pumps into a cup, I have a hard time justifying tipping for that. However, if they were to do a pourover or a more manual process (not really any shops like that in my area) and did it well, then I would tip for the same you reason mentioned. Just my 2¢.

    1. Hey Zoran – thanks such for the heads up! Somehow I missed that skip. I’ll get a fix up when I can for sure.

      As for the tipping, I completely hear you and agree. I definitely still base my tipping on what the barista does – but I guess my main point was that when I do tip, I don’t tie it to a percentage in the same way I do at a restaurant.

      Thanks for the comment! The podcast has definitely evolved since the first episode. I think, overall, I like where it’s at now but I’m still changing it a bit episode-to-episode to play around with it. If you have any tips, I’m all ears!

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