S1 Episode 3: Home Brewing

Episode 3: Home brewing image

Episode 3 of the BoiseCoffee Podcast centers around the five essentials for home brewing:

  1. A high quality burr grinder
  2. Freshly roasted, delicious coffee beans
  3. A way to brew
  4. Some type of water kettle
  5. A kitchen scale that reads in grams

While there are many other elements and things to consider when brewing coffee at home, getting these five things right will set you up for success and get you a great cup of coffee.

At the beginning of the podcast I discuss coffee news this week. The article on Kopi Luwak is here, and the C-Net article on caffeine hungry beetles is here.

Want to discuss brew methods or learn more about home brewing? Leave a comment on this post or hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. Cheers to a great week!

The Coffee Guy