Chilmark Coffee Company is Passionate About All the Right Things

bagfadedSince starting this blog, I’ve run across many different types of coffee shops, roasters, and enthusiasts. Very few of these folks, if any, have been boring, and nearly all have been excited about their company and product. The ones that truly stand out in my mind have something different than excitement, however. These people talk about coffee differently than the others – it’s not simply a business to them. And coffee isn’t just a commodity to be consumed and traded for cash. Rather, they use words like “collaboration,” “community,” and “uncompromising vision.” I include myself in this group of people who see coffee differently than simply a way to wake up in the morning. It’s a passion, and it’s an acknowledgement that when people work together they can truly create something beautiful.

Chilmark Coffee Company is one such company. In fact, those three words used above are pulled straight from Chilmark’s website. They’re all about pulling together experts together to perfect every stage of making a great cup of coffee.

The Snapshot

Chilmark Coffee Company sources and roasts everything so you don’t have to. They have a store that is open seasonally (starting in about May), but they primarily sell their product through 13 other markets, farm stands, and cafes. The full list of where to find Chilmark Coffee is here. Additionally, you can purchase Chilmark online.

You’re not going to find a bunch of coffee gizmos and gadgets on Chilmark Coffee Company’s website. As they put it,

We aren’t selling you 30 different coffees and all kinds of accessories you can actually buy locally at your neighbors family owned store; we’re giving you an invitation to our select breakfast party; let’s say it’s part of a starter kit for a new day.

You can buy Chilmark bag-to-bag, or you can hop on their 6-month subscription service for $30 a month. You’re hard-pressed (pun totally intended) to find a better subscription deal than this online.

The Coffee

Chilmark Coffee Company sent me two coffees. Their Costa Rica: Tarrazu Asoproaaa, an estate coffee, and their Honduras: Seydi Argueta, a Certified Organically produced, Fair Trade coffee.

TwoBagsI tried the Costa Rica in my Clever Coffee Drip Brewer, Aeropress, and french press. After brewing in the Clever the coffee gave off a rich butter nut smell. It had a full taste, and the richness matched that of the scent. In the Aeropress I noticed the flavors tended to pop a bit more – the chocolate really poked through here. As was expected, in the french press the cup was overall more full bodied and heavy. This medium-roast was a very well rounded coffee, and I found I immensely enjoyed it regardless of the brew method.

The Honduras was my favorite of the two, and it actually produced the best cup of coffee I’ve ever made with my Clever. The grounds had a very bright smell to them, and when they were extracting a sweet aroma filled the entire room. The Aeropress seemed to not pull quite as full-bodied a cup as the Clever, but that could have been due to some over extraction on my part. The coffee has bright initial notes, like lemon, and it finished with a nice spark on the the tongue as well. In the French press the cocoa and caramel notes really came through, though the bright citrus was still evident to some degree.

Final Thoughts

Coffee in handI feel honored to have reviewed Chilmark Coffee Company. They represent everything that is right in the coffee community right now. They’re in it to make a quality product, and to make sure all parties along the way get fairly treated. Their commitment to excellence makes them stand out, and I highly recommend their coffee.

You can find Chilmark online in several places:

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