Dutch Bros: The much anticipated review

Hello coffee fans!

First of all, I believe an apology is in order. Life has been more than busy for me as of late, and I’ve really slacked off on the blog. You can expect more frequent posts in the near future, as my schedule is beginning to wind down.

Now, on to the review!
From DutchBros.com:

Our commitment is to serve our customers a consistent quality product in a timely manner with a smile.

We roast all of our own coffee ensuring freshness from the farmer to the cup. We take great pride in the ingredients mixed into every cup – utilizing flavor profiles from Torani syrups, our own special blend of Dutch Chocolate milk and Kick Me Mix.

From Dutch Bros.’ wikipedia page:

Dutch Bros. was started in March 1992 by two brothers, Travis and Dane Boersma, former dairy farmers from Grants Pass, Oregon. Their first coffee stand was a temporary structure in downtown Grants Pass. Over the next few years, permanent kiosks opened in other parts of the city, including a coffeehouse a few blocks from the original stand.

I’ve always liked Dutch Bros. In the winter, I pick up a cup of Dutch on the way to snowboarding, and in the summer I enjoy their iced drinks on a hot day. If you’ve ever visited Dutch Bros., you know that they’re all about quality: both in product and in service. They prize themselves in their well-trained, friendly baristas. It also doesn’t hurt that they typically hire college-aged men and women who are pleasant on the eyes: Dutch baristas are all about using sex appeal to get a better tip.

Dutch Bros. has a great company structure, and friendly staff, but what about their coffee? Well, that is a little more tricky to do a review on, and here’s why:
Dutch Bros. coffee is heavy on the sugar. Every single one of the featured drinks on their menu (which was updated recently, by the way) is loaded with syrup and sauce, not to mention some of their best drinks are breve’s, or close. I’m not saying any of this to diss on Dutch Bros. In fact, this emphasis on sugar is perfect for their target customers:  high school and college-aged young men and women. Dutch Bros. has found their audience, and they are working that angle perfectly.

So, what about their actual espresso? Dutch Bros. isn’t just about sugar, although they put emphasis on that. You can order any drink you desire, just as you would at Starbucks (just please, for the love of God, don’t say “venti”. Any baristas that don’t work at Starbucks hate it when people use Starbucks’ sizes to order drinks.) I’ve had many classic drinks, such as their latte and brewed coffee. I’ve gone a little more complex a few times, asking for a doppio with cubano shots. And, to be honest, I’ve never been let down. I’m pleased to say that Dutch Bros. isn’t trying to cover up anything by using sugar: their coffee really is good. Although they won’t tell you what kind of roast they use (it’s a “Dutch secret”) I’ll give my best impression: they brew a medium roast coffee, probably using mixed beans, and their shots are pulled fast, which tend to make them far less acidic and bitter-tasting.

Go to Dutch Bros. if you haven’t yet. It’s an experience worth having, and a taste worth trying. Despite their emphasis on trendy clothing and sugar in coffee, they hold a special place in my heart as being a coffee franchise that really cares about their customers, product, and staff. That alone is enough for me to give Dutch Bros. a positive review.

What’s been your experience?

The Coffee Guy

One thought on “Dutch Bros: The much anticipated review

  1. Friendly and professional would be awesome. I go to a coffee place to buy coffee, not get hit on or to have a personal conversation. How’s it going or a general weather question or comment is appropriate. Asking me how’s it going, what I am up to tonight, where I work, and if I am a college student all in one visit is a little too much. This happens about 75% of the time… One or two is plenty! I would much rather have an interaction that is genuine and real. Instead I usually get flirty and fake. I refuse to go to Dutch Bros. You can have awesome customer service without the sex… not needed and rather annoying. And this from a single, 23 year-old who loves the dating scene, just want to be treated like a girl, not a piece of meat.

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