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Flying M joins 200 cafes in becoming “Luke’s Diner” for the day to celebrate the return of Gilmore Girls


Today, to celebrate the four-episode return of Gilmore Girls, Netflix is turning about 200 cafes from the U.S. and Canada into Luke’s Diner – the iconic coffee shop from the show. On the list is Boise’s own Flying M – which, according to The Idaho Statesman – was randomly selected, then given cups and banners to outfit the shop.

Today also marks the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls‘ first episode, affectionately being referred to as the “Gilmoreversary.”

Starting at 6:30am, Flying M will be giving away free coffee in Luke’s Diner cups, while supplies last. According to a source who is participating in the event (my wife) a line is already forming, so head over now to score your free coffee!

Check out the full list of participating cafes here!



Calling All Coffee Shops in the Boise Area!

September 30th is International Podcast Day, and October 1st is International Coffee Day. As you can imagine, I’m pretty stoked that these two are back-to-back, and I’m organizing a special podcast episode to celebrate both. 

I’m trying to get as many Boise-based coffee shops to run promotions on gear/coffee, which I’d shout out on my podcast completely free of charge. If you’re interested in being featured in the show, shoot me an email (boisecoffee[at] or comment on this post and let me know!


Peet’s Coffee & Tea Acquires Stumptown Coffee Roasters

In their blog post from earlier this evening Stumptown Coffee Roasters wrote,

“As of this week, we have been acquired by Peet’s Coffee & Tea. We’re excited about the opportunities this will provide for us as we continue to grow.”

Stumptown goes on to explain how this acquisition will not impact their goals, or how they plan on achieving them. If anything, it appears as though Stumptown is getting a financial boost from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. In addition to the New Orleans location mentioned in the blog post, I would expect more stores to begin to show up across the U.S.

What does all this mean? Well, hopefully, not much. Except a whole lot more Stumptown.

If you hadn’t noticed, cold brew was a big craze this summer – to the point that Starbucks even cashed in on the hype. In many ways, Stumptown pioneered this coffee fad with the introduction of their squat bottles filled with cold brew in 2011. According to the NY Times article about this acquisition, this is around the time that Peet’s started to notice that Stumptown was doing something different.

My call? If anything, this is a great move for Peet’s. While they have been a mainstay in the coffee industry for decades, their image is closer to Starbucks than it is to Stumptown. Not only will this press be good for them, but the money that Stumptown brings in every summer with cold brew – along with their new stores – will make Peet’s tons of money.

Stumptown seems to be pretty solid on the idea that they are staying the same as a company. As a fan of their product, I definitely hope so.

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