We’re Killing the K-Cup

Back in November I wrote a short diatribe about Keurig – the massive, rich coffee company that is on just about every kitchen countertop these days.

In January 2015 this mysterious video hit YouTube titled “Kill the K-Cup.”

Pretty cool, right? I thought so, but the best part about this video is that it got a lot of press.

By the end of January the video had been covered by and discussed on Huffington Post and NPR along with a host of fringe blogs. More recently, as of the writing of this prologue The Atlantic is the latest big name to cover the video in their piece titled “A Brewing Problem.” The Atlantic took it a step further by interviewing Keurig co-founder John Sylvan as well as some higher-ups inside Keurig itself. The consensus? Nobody is happy about where K-Cups are at, and where they are heading.

As a result of all this discussion and increased awareness, I decided to update my diatribe. It now features a brand-new prologue as well as an edited conclusion to help the Keurig faithful turn a new leaf.

Below is the PDF. Please download it and share it with your friends, family, and co-workers. I’m not making a dime from any of this, and couldn’t care less about exposure. My only goal is to get these facts out in the open.

Download the PDF file .

Together, we’re killing the K-Cup. Keep it up.

The Coffee Guy

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